Who we are & what we do

Who we are

Hi, I’m Adnan Mangral, creative director and film maker. I draw on my broad network of collaborators to bring your story to life. This includes designers, cinematographers, production designers and developers.

I love the challenge of uncovering the unique, emotional heart of an idea and stubbornly holding onto it throughout the process of bringing it to life.

As your creative lead on digital projects, I’ll help you come up with those initial precious ideas and develop them. I’ll then manage and work with your team or draw on my own network to deliver the vision.

I have several years experience leading digital projects and working with brands such as ABRSM, NHS, NESTLE, UAL amongst others.

A background in film helps me to preserve and develop the core vision, improvise and re-imagine at every stage and most importantly collaborate positively with others.

Let’s have a coffee and chat.

What we do

Whether it’s a digital experience, film or brand campaign, the best experience always starts with a good story. We find what sets you apart, then create compelling experiences which connect you to your audience, with a focus on visual storytelling through film and design.


Creative direction of the entire design and production process to ensure that your signal remains clear, the core story theme undiluted.


Our story discovery process unearths unique, authentic qualities and the emotional connection your particular audience is seeking.

Research and gathering:  Documentary style-research techniques provides rich insights for design decisions and raw material for experiences such as campaigns.  

Story blueprints to kickstart creation in the form of moodboards, concepts, style guides or film treatments.

Ways in which The Escape Committee
can work with you:

  • tell your story through a short film
  • creatively direct a design process
  • kickstart a campaign to reach out to a wider audience with a message, to raise awareness or to inspire
  • collect stories and find connections between stories
  • undertake story research to gain insights that feed into a design process
  • create a narrative structure for an installation or exhibition

We love finding and telling stories for other people and also for ourselves.